2015 Class officers chose to purchase four Kwikboost Charging Stations to be placed in the library and cafeteria.

FHS’ Class of 2015 leaves legacy in four ways

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The Class of 2015 gave back in four ways as part of a lasting legacy to Friendswood High School. The group, under the direction of Class President Jana Landers, Vice President Sarah Slaton, Secretary Cassidy Weeks and Treasurer Jonathon Yawn orchestrated a time capsule, provided scholarships, purchased a new American flag and gave the campus four charging stations.

A time capsule was created and sealed for 25 years at Friendswood High School recently. It was part of the 75th anniversary celebrations for this year at Friendswood ISD.

The Class of 2015 will open the capsule at their 25th reunion celebrating at that time the district’s 100th anniversary.

The sealing ceremony took place in the Myrlene Kennedy Auditorium at a scheduled graduation rehearsal for seniors. Students and teachers had earlier placed items in the capsule.

Officers of the Class of 2015 each placed a memento of their class in the container. Student Council President Anne Balderama closed the capsule and engaged the lock. Student Council officers including underclassmen covered the capsule with a Mustang blue cloth and took it to the FHS Library where it will be stored for 25 years.

“The time capsule will not be buried where dirt and water seepage could eventually get in, especially if time and temperature would wear away or break the container at any spot,” Librarian and historian Pat Torrefranca said. “The library offers a temperature controlled environment and people can easily find it in 2040.”

Items pursued for the capsule include students’ autobiographical notes, TI calculator, a Nook reader, a cell phone, Popular Science magazines predicting what it will be like 25 years from now, DVDs of school news and event broadcasts, programs and other mementos of activities this year such as programs from choir concerts, musicals, academic banquet, and sports events.

At the recent Senior Picnic in Stevenson Park, 20 scholarships of $250 each were given to seniors through raffle drawings.

The new flag given by the senior class will be flown in front of the campus on the flag pole there.

Class officers chose to purchase four Kwikboost Charging Stations to be placed in the library and cafeteria.

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