PISD pushes pay scale up

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Pearland ISD did some tweaking of its pay schedule last Monday, doing what Superintendent John Kelly described as “decompression” of teacher salaries.

“What we’ve done in the past because of the lack of funds is establish a fairly high beginning teacher salary and then left the rest of the salary schedule fairly scrunched in terms of zero years of experience vs. 20,” Kelly said.

“Decompression,” he said, adjusts for years of experience, allowing the district to be more competitive particularly for teachers with 10, 15 or 20 years of experience.

After last Monday’s adjustments, first-year teacher salaries in Pearland ISD are now set at $51,200.

In addition, lowest paid hourly pay earners – custodians, food service workers, instructional aides – will earn a minimum of $10.80 per hour.

“Essentially, we’re bringing an 80 cent per hour raise to those lowest classified employees,” Kelly said. “The bigger question for ya’ll is whether this fits into the budget. We’re very comfortable making these (recommendations) with not raising the tax rate when that comes to pass in August without any qualms about these particular salary goals for this year.”

Last month, Trustees approved a 3 percent pay increase for teachers and staff.

“We have historically paid average or below average, and we talk world class,” Trustee Rusty DeBorde said. “That’s fact. I want to reward these people.”

The Pearland ISD school board meets at the Education Support Center, 1928 N. Main. Individuals may address the board during the citizen’s participation portion of the regular meeting. Agendas for each meeting will be available 72 hours in advance at pearlandisd.org.

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