Well water testing available for Brazoria County

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A proclamation for well water testing was signed late on Thursday, June 11 by County Judge Matt Sebesta. The proclamation states that residents that have been affected by the flooding of the Brazos River, Oyster Creek and other tributaries in Brazoria County have water wells that may have been inundated with flood waters causing possible contamination.

Residents that have been affected by floodwaters due to the recent flooding may obtain testing materials from the Brazoria County Water Lab to have their water well tested. The Brazoria County Water Lab will waive the testing fee and residents will not be charged for the testing of their well for contaminates.

Residents must provide their address, which must fall within the determined locations affected by the flooded areas within Brazoria County. Please contact the Brazoria County Water Lab at 979-864-1628 for instructions on proper collection of water samples and to obtain appropriate supplies. The Brazoria County Water Lab is located at 409 East Orange, Angleton, Texas 77515. Water from wells must be collected using a sample container provided by the Brazoria County Water Lab. Instructions will be provided from the lab on collecting water samples.

Residents can report property damage caused by flood waters to the 2015 Spring Flood Hotline. United Way of Brazoria County and The American Red Cross have worked jointly to put this hotline in place. According to Brazoria County United Way, this hotline has been set up for citizens to report damage to residential and commercial structures. The number to call is 800-971-6677 and will be available Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. until further notice. Property owners will need to provide information on current damage, along with their name, address and contact information.

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