The scouts from Troop 446.

Boy Scouts learn about litter and pollution

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Litter and pollution are related problems that a group of boys belonging to Pearland Boy Scout Troop 446 decided to learn more about. After researching what parts of the community and government could help them they invited Keep Pearland Beautiful to their meeting at Epiphany Lutheran on June 29.

Citizen in the community is one of 12 merit badges that all boys who want to attain eagle rank must earn. Boy Scouts of America believes that a well rounded citizen is involved and engaged with their community. Our country is a network of communities that differ from each other and may be governed differently. But regardless of how local communities differ, they all have one point in common: In the United States, local government means self-government. Good citizens help to make decisions about their community through their elected local officials and engage with charities to do good works.

After a lively discussion about why litter is a type of pollution, the boys brainstormed about how they could help prevent it. The boys came up with some goals to help them complete 8 hours of service to Keep Pearland Beautiful. Litter Prevention is an education program that has been a cornerstone of Keep America Beautiful affiliates for decades.

One boy said, “Yelling at people and arresting them is not the way to reach the people that litter.” So, the boys will tackle litter by recycling and disposing of trash properly. They want to be seen picking up litter in their uniforms so that people will know that young people care and can make a difference in their community.

To learn more about how you can help make a difference in Pearland call Keep Pearland Beautiful at 281-652-1659 or visit our website

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