City adjusts budget

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Pearland city leaders looked at health care for employees and adjusted the current year’s budget to reflect real numbers Monday.

As the fiscal year comes to a close, City Council and staff are preparing to examine and approve the 2015-2016 budget.

Council on Monday amended the current year’s finances to match projections, which overall varied by just over 1 percent.

Property tax revenues for the current year were less than a percent lower than anticipated, while sales tax revenue was adjusted to nearly 5 percent higher than projected.

Also on Monday, council discussed and renewed employee health insurance benefits for administrative services and stop loss insurance related in its health plans after an open, competitive bidding process for those services beginning in October. Like a growing number of government entities and businesses, the city in 2010 went to a partially self insured plan. By “self” insuring, organizations pay for administration and insurance protection know as stop loss, benefitting when employees are healthier because underwriting income isn’t sent to an outside insurance company.

Pearland’s consultants have recommended the city increase its funding to cover projected paid claims by nearly 25 percent.

The 2015-16 budget and tax rate will soon be the topic of a public hearing and two readings. The council meets every two weeks in regular session, and full agendas are available online at least 72 hours before each meeting. Visit for updated meeting information, as well as city financials.

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