Budget, election nears for FISD

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Friendswood ISD is expected to discuss its 2015-16 budget soon, as area districts prepare for the coming school year.

The FISD Board of Trustees is set to hold its regular meeting on Monday, July 13, in the district’s Administration Building, 302 Laurel Dr. The budget will likely be adopted in August, since the district’s current fiscal year ends Aug. 31.

With increased funding expected per the legislatures new formula, the FISD board in June approved a new salary schedule for the 2015-2016 school year. The schedule included new personnel costs of more than $379,000, as well as a 3 percent increase and market adjustments resulting in an impact of nearly $1.4 million.

The new salary schedule was one of the superintendent’s stated goals to be accomplished in the 2015-16 budget year, along with the recent separation of Bales and Westwood campuses.

A preliminary draft of the coming year’s budget estimated total revenues at $45.88 million, compared to this year’s $43.5 million.

FISD will receive just over $1.08 million in additional state aid in fiscal year 2016 due to funding formula changes in the new state budget.

However, this will “catch up” to the district in 2017 when state funding is expected to decrease, a phenomenon known as “living on the lag,” which happens when property values increase dramatically but the local share is being calculated on the prior year’s lower values.

A required public hearing before final approval of the budget and tax rate will be announced. The current FISD total tax rate of $1.367 per $100 valuation has been unchanged since 2008. The total rate includes a maintenance and operations rate of $1.04, and debt service rate of $.327 per $100 valuation.

In addition, Friendswood ISD also is set to hold its board of trustee election in November for those whose terms are expiring.

Last year’s would-be election drew no takers, with Trustees Robert McCabe, Ralph Hobratschk and David Montz automatically reelected after filing for their respective positions on the board.

Other regular meeting dates for trustees in 2015 are Aug. 10 and Sept. 14. Special meetings and agendas are posted at www.boarddocs.com at least 72 hours in advance.

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