Street repair contractors in short supply

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Friendswood stands ready to do needed street repairs, but finding someone to do the work is a different story.

The city set aside $500,000 for repairs this year.

“We put that out to do some street maintenance, and got zero bids back,” City Manager Roger Roecker said. “Contractors just have more work, evidently, than time.”

With funds now ready to fix the city’s streets, all officials can do is bid out projects and wait for responses.

“Our plan this year is we’ve got another half million dollars budgeted, we’ll carry forward that half million from one year to the next year will bid a million dollars for street work,” Roecker told the council last Monday.

Mayor Kevin Holland said it is frustrating to finally get needed funds set aside, but not be able to get the work done.

A bond package approved by voters in 2013 included roughly $7.7 in street improvements. Projects were set to be implemented in a 7-year plan.

“Now we have more money, but there’s nobody bidding the work,” Holland said at the city’s Aug. 3 budget discussion.

He clarified with city staff that unused funds from last year plus the coming year’s budget will not be used for anything other than streets.

“With no work done, it stays in the street allocation fund until we use it?” Holland asked. “We only allocated $100,000 when we could get people to do the work,” he said. “Now, we have more money, but we have nobody bidding the work, so if there’s any of you street repair contractors listening to us, we’re serious – we want to get these streets taken care of.”

City Council meets at City Hall, 910 S. Friendswood. Agendas are posted 72 hours in advance on the city’s website,

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