City finalizes code changes

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Pearland City Council on Monday gave final approval to changes that will limit continued development of auto-related uses and pawn shops within certain areas of the city.

Councilman Tony Carbone and Keith Ordeneaux voted against the first reading on Aug. 10 as well as Monday’s second reading of the measure, which passed 3-2.

Both feared such a widespread restriction would deter legitimate businesses and Carbone compared the action to using a sledgehammer where fine tuning with a screwdriver would suffice.

Monday’s action means that auto related uses that were once permitted outright within certain commercial areas of the city are still permitted, but only by going through a conditional use permit process.

The changes to the city’s Unified Development Code began as a way to improve development along Pearland Parkway so that the corridor could become a “signature entrance” to the city. But after research, staff recommended the city require a conditional use permit for gas stations, auto repair or pawn shop uses – not just along Pearland Parkway, but within a number of the city’s commercial zones.

The changes also further clarify the use of “screening” walls and underground utilities and who is responsible for payment of their installation.

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