Council working on new budget

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Manvel city council has been discussing the next fiscal year budget which will commence on October 1. Council is expected to hold the line on the current tax rate of .58 per $100 valuation. That rate translates to $580 per $100,000 of appraised value. Current projections call for budgeted revenues of $5,081,428. Property taxes account for the majority at $2.256 million. Sales taxes are next at $1.310 million and licenses and permits for $916,500. Other revenue is earned primarily from franchise fees and court fees and fines.

Expenditures are projected to be $5,079,830. Personnel costs consume the highest part of the budget at $2.498 million. Contractual services for things such as engineering, inspections, equipment rental and maintenance, utilities, and such is the next largest category of expense at $1.049 million.

$350,307 will be dedicated to vehicle replacements and lease payments. Capital outlays of significance include $150,000 to the police department to fund two sergeant positions, a new vehicle, and upgraded radios. Other city departments will also see radio upgrades in order to meet the new digital radio services in use today. A portable building valued at $46,000 is budgeted for city hall to provide office space to relieve crowded conditions in the main building. An alcove to surround the entry doors at Manvel City Hall is budgeted to alleviate the intrusion of noise and weather, particularly during the course of public meetings. The public works department has budgeted $306,000 for various capital improvements and the police department will purchase a storage building and see an upgrade to their video equipment.

It is likely the final budget will be put to a vote at the September 14 council meeting.

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