Thoroughfare plan gets final OK

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Changes to the city’s thoroughfare plan received a final approval from City Council Monday.

The vote was 4-1, with Councilman Gary Moore casting a no vote.

“I had some questions not really spelled out in the packet as far as speed control through this neighborhood, and how we are going to mitigate that,” Moore asked, speaking of the Westminster connection.

Changes in the plan, an instrument used by the city when prioritizing projects, didn’t please everyone. They call for the eventual connection of Westminster to Pearland Parkway – instead of Barry Rose as originally planned. Residents of that area appeared at a public hearing in July to oppose the change. Those living off Westminster argued there is too much speeding and traffic on the road as it is.

City staff, on the other hand, maintained the connection would provide “another access point for the residential subdivision and also allow for access to the proposed commercial development at the corner of Barry Rose Parkway and Pearland Parkway.”

Other amendments to the Thoroughfare Plan included the elimination of an unneeded collector street between Manvel Road and CR 107 through the proposed Massey Lakes Estates, and removing planned streets within the Blackacres development at Main and Bailey Road. Both traffic and access will be re-evaluated at the time of future development depending on the proposed land use.

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