Baker’s Landing decision delayed

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After more than a year of close votes, discussion and revisions, the developers of a proposed residential development off 35 will have to wait two more weeks for a final go-ahead from City Council.

A number of revisions and corrections to the plans submitted for Baker’s Landing were initially left out, and Council on Monday opted to table the final vote on a needed zone change.

“I like the project. Still like the project, but I tell my clients all the time, don’t sign anything until I look at it first,” Councilman Derrick Reed said. “Unless we table it, my vote will change.”

Baker’s Landing is being planned on a site between Main Street and Old Alvin Road, south of E. Walnut. Proposed are 200 single-family houses and 48 town homes, a far cry from the mixed use retail called for in the city’s long-range plan.

Former Councilman Larry Marcott has come before the current council several times to oppose the development for that reason. He appeared again Monday, and after wishing Mayor Reid a happy birthday, he delivered his message to council on Baker’s Landing once again.

“I’m concerned about council and Planning and Zoning going against the comprehensive plan and voting to take this piece of property and make it houses when it was commercial,” he said. “Doing what you’re going to do is the wrong thing.”

“You need to table it now so staff can tell you what it really says,” he added. “You got to see these guys – they’re out to make a buck, and they don’t care who’s in the way.”

Plans currently include green space, pond and playground. The latest revision boasts more diversity in lot size, expanded open space and lower density than originally proposed.

The zone change approved for the site is from a mix of general commercial and office and professional to planned development. On the first reading, the measure passed 3-2, with Councilmen Tony Moore and Keith Ordeneaux opposed.

For information about meetings and agendas, visit the city’s website at and click on the “government” tab.

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