Mayor Kevin Holland (far right), assisted by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Hill (far left) presents Officer James Price (second from right), and Police Chief Robert Wieners, a resolution showing support and recognition of the Friendswood Police Department at the Monday (Sept.14) Council meeting.

Council shows support for Police Department

In Friendswood, News by Reporter News

During their Regular meeting on Monday (Sept. 14), Friendswood City Council unanimously passed a resolution showing support and recognition of the Friendswood Police Department.

“Friendswood citizens work well with our Police Department and vice versa. It takes a community like ours to help them do their job and officers like this (Officer James Price) to keep us safe,” said Mayor Kevin Holland during the presentation of the resolution.

In part, the resolution read, “Just as police officers never let down their guard, we must never let slide our gratitude. We extend our thanks not only in times of tragedy, but for every tragedy averted — every accident avoided because a patrol officer took a drunk driver off the streets, every child made safer because a criminal was brought to justice, every life saved because police officers raced to the scene. In other words, we must show gratitude every day.”

“It is important that our citizens recognize the duties and responsibilities of their police department and know that members of our police department serve the people by safeguarding life and property, protecting them against violence and disorder, and protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression and intimidation,” the resolution stated.

The resolution was greeted with applause by those in the Council Chambers.

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