Mark Twain art teacher, Lauren Luna, with her Best in Show oil painting at the Pearland Arts League Show.

Art teacher wins ‘Best in Show” at PAL show

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At an early age, Lauren Luna knew what she wanted to be when she grew up; a famous artist! As the art teacher at Mark Twain Elementary, Ms. Luna hopes to inspire other children to follow their dreams.

On Saturday, Sept. 19, Ms. Luna won “Best in Show” at the Pearland Arts League Show. She entered an oil painting called ‘Late Nights (Burgundy St.),’ which she painted from a photograph she had taken during a visit to New Orleans this past summer.

“It was an honor to be chosen as Best in Show at the Pearland Art League show and an absolute surprise!” Luna said.

In addition to staying active in the art community, Luna currently shares her passion and wisdom of the arts with the next generation of future artists everyday within her classroom. Teaching art to grades kindergarten through 5th, Luna is able to share her success and inspire children to reach for their dreams and to never give up. She has taken on several projects that encourage her students to learn about the different types of art.

In June 2015, a mosaic mural painted on a 22 ft. x 3 ft. wall was dedicated at Mark Twain Elementary.

“This was a huge project that took the kids and I 8 months to complete. Our school had a few tragic losses last year and our principal thought it would be a great gesture to turn my idea of doing a mosaic on our school wall into a memorial. It was wonderful that the kids were able to see how much work goes into something of that scale,” Luna said.

In addition to the memorial, last year, Luna used her contacts within the art community to have an Artist’s Expo.

“There were seven artists that volunteered their time and created all day while the kids rotated and learned about the different types of art. It was such a success we are planning to do it again in the spring,” commented Luna.

Luna hopes to continue to expand her students’ minds when it comes to art.

“I want to elevate their consciousness to the diversity, beauty, and wonder that surrounds us all. I hope to empower them to be independent, creative thinkers so that they can succeed and appreciate life and the arts,” Luna commented.

Luna and her students in front of the Memorial Mural at Mark Twain Elementary.

Luna and her students in front of the Memorial Mural at Mark Twain Elementary.

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