Awarding excellence at Manvel High School

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Teacher Leah Bolton and senior Paola Obispo were both presented scholarly awards by the Junior Achievement Program on Sept. 10. The Junior Achievement Program is a hands-on program that deals with education and the workforce. Its main purpose is to help students get the gist of the real world and becoming a successful individual. They recognize potential in creative students and how they plan to succeed in the competitive world.

Obispo received a scholarship from the JA Program. Her topic was over the economy’s free enterprise system.

“I just thought of how free enterprise effects our country,” Obispo said. “I also talked about what I learned in AP U.S. History.”

As a result of her scholarship, Obispo plans on attending University of Texas.

“[The scholarship] has given me more confidence to apply for more scholarships,” Obispo said.

Bolton has received the Teacher of the Year award from the JA Program, taking place at the Lake Jackson Civic Center.

“The reason I got the award was because I had made some changes,” Bolton said.

The non-profit program is trying to bring work ethic into schools such as entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Bolton was asked to bring in her best students to volunteer to give lessons to elementary school children for five weeks. The lessons for the children were already planned out by the JA Program.

“The kids really liked it,” Bolton said. “They had to work with play money and pretend that they were business owners.”

Bolton teaches an array of subjects that includes child guidance, principals of education, principles of human services, and career prep, which is the class where she taught the curriculum of the JA Program. All courses help to prepare for real life situations, which include building a business or even a family.

“[My students] did very well,” Bolton said. “The children liked having a speaker come in and present something different than what the teacher would present. So I think it worked out very well for them and us.”

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Story by: Manvel High School student, Branden Smith (Maverick Informer staff writer)

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