Rodeo Palms sees increased parking enforcement

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In large part responding to resident complaints and a request from city council member Lorraine Hehn, Manvel police have increased their presence and enforcement of city parking ordinances in the Rodeo Palms community. Hehn explained to her fellow members that many cars are parked for long periods of time without moving, some with flat tires and expired licenses and inspections, and some are even on blocks with no wheels at all. She also complained about the amount of cars parking along the streets that at times can hinder transport along the roadway. Of primary concern to Hehn is the prospect of emergency vehicles being unable to traverse the roads due to the narrow space that remains when cars are parked along the curb on either side. Reinforcing resident concerns, the manager for the home owners association, Janet Davis, presented to council a number of photos showing instances of inoperable vehicles. She encouraged the police to enforce the parking issues claiming the streets being publicly owned make it the city’s responsibility. She expressed resident feelings that the parking troubles and the lax enforcement drives down property values and lowers the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood. She blamed the city’s lack of enforcement as causing the community “to look like a junkyard.”

City Manager Kyle Jung reported to council that police have responded to the complaints having made 101 contacts to Rodeo Palms residents, 77 verbal warnings have been delivered, one citation issued, and one vehicle has been towed. Additionally, eight door hangars have been placed and four vehicle tagged for towing. “Obviously there has been some attention paid to the parking issues in Rodeo Palms and hopefully the people over there will heed the verbal warnings,” Jung said. The gist of the complaints consist of vehicles blocking sidewalks and in some cases neighboring drive-ways as well as parking too close to intersection boundaries. Council member Hehn clarified that cars parked without moving for more than five days are considered abandoned and will be subject to Police enforcement.

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