City addressing overgrown areas

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Roadway classification and depth of ditches will play roles in developing criteria for which areas lying in public right-of-ways will be mowed.

Pearland city staff has been working on a policy that can be consistently applied when determining what areas will be mowed four times a year by Drainage District No. 4.

The goal, according to city documents, is to “establish easy measurables that indicate the reasonableness of requiring property owners to maintain the ditches adjacent to their property.”

“This is a challenge a lot of cities growing like Pearland have,” Mayor Tom Reid said. “What we’re doing is the best thing we can do until we can mature to the point we have concrete curb and gutter.”

Assistant City Manager Trent Epperson presented several options for right-of-way mowing, from classification of the roadways to criteria-based where there are compliance issues.

While the city took no action during the discussion, staff is working to prepare a policy for mowing right-of-way areas.

“It gives staff something to refer to – and us something to refer to,” Councilman Trent Perez said.

Councilman Keith Ordeneaux brought up the idea of placing liens on non-compliant property that must be mowed.

“If we want to keep the look of the community up, it is something we have to do, or someone has to do,” he said. “If the residents can’t or won’t, we’re going to have to step up and do that.”

“Since DD4 will only cut once per quarter, what happens about our new ordinance requiring grass be no more than 9 inches in height?” Councilman Greg Hill said. “Maybe we have to make some adjustments there.”

A policy on mowing will be presented for approval in a future meeting.

Story by Nicole Jones

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