Expansion to meet demand of growing westside

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A 4 million-gallon-per-day expansion of the water facility serving west Pearland could be online in 2 years, city officials say.

Pearland City Council last Monday approved a contract with Pepper-Lawson Waterworks for a $44.6 million expansion of the Reflection Bay Water Reclamation Facility.

“This will be a regional service facility for a significant population out at 288,” Mayor Tom Reid said, adding that the area is a part of the city experiencing rapid growth. “I think this is something we anticipated a number of years ago. The upgrade of the facility has been a challenge, and it’s something we’re really looking forward to.”

Built in 2003, the facility has a capacity of 2 million gallons per day, with expansion capability to 6 million. The expansion is expected to serve the population in the area for the next 7 to 10 years.

“None of us liked the time frame it took to get it going, but we’re glad to see it,” Keith Ordeneaux said.

The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder.

“For three of them to come in basically on top of each other, and another one to be $3 million less, is there anything we need to be concerned about?” Councilman Tony Carbone asked.

“Our engineers reviewed it, and they did not take note of anything,” assistant city Manager Trent Epperson responded.

Also approved at the meeting were a $1.78 million contract with Ardurra Group for construction management and inspection services for the Reflection Bay project, and a $272,500 contract with Terracon Consultants, Inc. for construction materials testing services for the Reclamation Bay project.

Story by Nicole Jones

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