Bond election tax impact up to 7 cents

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PISD officials say the maximum tax impact of a Nov. 8 bond package is 7 cents per $100 of valuation.

“The original figure was $206 million that would fit within that 7 cents,” Superintendent John Kelly said of the total bonds amount. “Since that time, that figure has changed to $220 million. The advice from the long-range planners was hold it to 7 cents. If there are savings, the projects that are the last three listed on your page there are the ones that go beyond that initial $206 (million).”

Trustees last Tuesday called the bond election based on recommendations of a long-range planning committee made up of 45 community members in fall 2015. It has been more than 10 years since the district called a bond election.

“There is no tax increase for this year and the next year,” Kelly said. “After that, the tax rate goes up by about a cent. Four years: Zero to 1 cent. After that, it can get as high as 7 cents in that following year which is 2021. That would be maintained for 12 years.”

The bond advisors built those numbers conservatively, he said.

“The true increase may be less than 7,” he said.

Projects listed in the $220 million package include upgrades and expansions to campuses and technology. Planned expansions to existing schools would mean the district would not have to add new campuses for at least a decade. Expansions and upgrades are planned at all three high schools and both junior highs, Sablatura and Jamison middle schools, and at Challenger, C.J. Harris, Lawhon, Rustic Oak, Shadycrest and Silverlake elementary schools.

For a full list of planned projects, visit the Pearland ISD website at

Story by Nicole Jones

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