Hannah Schmanske, Kennedy Kaufman and Annie Revere enjoy the food trucks at the 48 Hour Tennis Marathon at FHS.

Rain spoils but doesn’t stop success of FHS Tennis fundraiser

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Rain interrupted the playing but it certainly didn’t dampen the success of the Friendswood High School Tennis fundraiser, 48 Hour Tennis Marathon held last weekend.

The group hoped to make $15,000, set their goal at a lofty $20,000 and then brought in exactly $22,000, a record for the annual event.

The silent auction ended with rain and then opened again at 2 p.m. on Sunday. This was a record year for items in the sale, offering packages for all ages and tastes.

“The 55 items donated so graciously to our Silent Auction created excitement at the event and generated enough funds for the teams new uniforms, equipment, travel expenses and scholarships for the next two years,” Tennis parent Karin Massicott said.

The addition of food trucks this year was popular and even while the rain postponed some of the events, the trucks were there to offer refreshments.

”The Friendswood High School Tennis Team wishes to thank their community of sponsors who made this year’s 48 Hour Tennis Marathon the most successful to date,” Coach David Cook said.

Melanie Kaufman chaired the weekend event.

“I set my goal at $20,000 which I knew was high but realistic. With all the hard work put in over the summer collecting silent auction items and sponsorships, the final number added up was $22,000,” Kaufman said. “Special thanks to all the parents and students who worked very hard to break all records this year. What a great way to start a new year!”

Story and photos by Karolyn Gephart

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