PISD projects prioritized by committee

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Projects listed in the $220 million Pearland ISD bond referendum were ranked by the committee by priority, though some items may take priority as time passes.

To vote in the November bond election, residents must be registered in Brazoria County and living in Pearland ISD before Oct. 11.

“We’ve got what our committee believes are the needs of our district,” Trustee Charles Gooden said.

For Trustees, agreeing on the bond package was a careful balance of having enough flexibility to address needs as they arise – and being specific enough that the public would give its approval at the polls.

“There will be needs that emerge over the four years that fit loosely within this group of 35 but may not be explicitly listed so far,” Superintendent John Kelly said. “There’s a hurricane at Junior High West and we need to repair a roof, and we decide we better include the roof. There’s got to be at least that amount of flexibility there.”

Things such as safety, Trustee Rusty DeBorde said, would take immediately priority.

“I just want this list to serve as a major guideline,” he said. “You’ve got a ranking of all these things, but what if something not on the list comes up.”

Years back, a faulty demographic study put the district in a bad position, he said.

“I’m not saying we’ve got bad information, but I don’t want to be hamstrung because we’re going off a list ranked the most important right at this second.”

Projects listed in the referendum include upgrades and expansions to campuses and technology. The maximum tax impact of the bond package has been estimated at 7 cents per $100 of valuation.

The board usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Education Support Center, 1928 E. Main St.

Story by Nicole Jones

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