Voters will decide alcohol issue

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A petition that earned enough signatures over the summer will require a local option election this November that will allow voters to decide whether liquor stores could be allowed within the city.

Pearland City Council members could do little on Monday except accept the resolution calling the election, though some weren’t happy about how the petition was done.

Position No. 2 Councilman Derrick Reed felt the latest alcohol-related petition to circulate within the city was misleading – it was not the same petition that would allow restaurants to sell more than 51 percent of alcohol sales.

“It’s not so much the liquor stores presence per se,” Reed said, saying some of the people approached to sign it believed it was the same petition they had signed earlier in the year.

“If I could, I would vote against it just for that,” he said. “But there’s really nothing we can do about this.”

Councilman Greg Hill agreed.

“Totally misleading,” he said. “Vote it down in November if you don’t want it.”

“Our issue is not how the signatures were obtained, but our charter requirement and we have an obligation under that requirement to accept it into the record,” Mayor Tom Reid said. “What happens after that is up to the citizens in our community.”

Council agreed, and voted to accept the resolution.

Trent Perez said the issue is now in the voter’s hands, and even if it is approved, it doesn’t mean the city would lose control of liquor store locations.

“That doesn’t prevent us from adopting zoning rules that say where liquor stores can be located,” he said.

Also on Monday, the council voted to enter into a $400,000 agreement with the county for asphalt paving services from September through October of next year. Currently, prioritized streets on the list include the Sleepy Hollow subdivision, Zapalac Street, Regal Oaks Drive, plus portions of Old Town Site.

“They typically come back to us after they give us a list and they come back and tell us how much they can accommodate,” assistant City Manager Trent Epperson said, adding it is typically about 5 miles.

Streets with potential drainage issues are removed from the paving list, he said.

The city awarded a $423,000 contract to Angel Brothers Enterprises for the asphalt paving of John Lizer Road and Liberty Drive.

Story by Nicole Jones

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