Friendswood ISD has increase in ACT scores

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ACT test scores for 2016 were released recently and Friendswood High School’s Class of 2016 had an increase in all subject areas.

The ACT is currently the leading college admissions test in the nation and measures what students learn in high school to determine their readiness academically for college work.

The curriculum based test measures skills determined to be needed for success in first-year college courses.

With the total number of 36 points on the test, the national composite score is 20.8 with the state score being 20.6. In FISD, the composite score was 25, an increase from the 2015 score of 24.6.

The top 25 percent of ACT takers score about 24 or more on the test.

Friendswood High School 2016 graduating seniors scored 24.4 in English with the state average 19.4; 25.2 in math with 20.7 state average; 25.4 in reading with 21 state average; and 24.8 in science with 20.7 state average.

At FHS, 272 students tested in 2016, an increase from last year’s 236 students. In the nation, 64 percent or approximately 2.1 million students, took the ACT, an increase from 59 percent in 2015.

To create the test, the ACT National Curriculum Survey is conducted every three or four years and given to elementary, middle/intermediate, and high school teachers as well as first year college instructors. The results from the survey determine the core of the ACT tests, making sure test assessments measure skills needed for college’s first year.

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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