Council discusses Emergency Preparedness

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Manvel city council member Adrian Gaspar and Mayor Martin’s discussion regarding the City’s preparedness for any potential emergency; weather related or other, became heated. It was addressed that the City of Manvel does in fact have a program in place with the State of Texas in the event of an emergency. It was however noted that the state can only come in once a storm has passed. That in the event of a large storm covering a large area of the state, there could be a delay in services provided. It was suggested by council member Gaspar that it would benefit the city to have a backup plan in place in the event that Emergency Management was delayed or unable for some unforeseen reason, getting to the City of Manvel in a timely manner. It was suggested by council member Gaspar that all members of council attend a retreat in which they could obtain any necessary training and be brought up to a knowledgeable state on the processes in place in the event of an emergency. Council and the Mayor agreed that a future date would be set and training would be provided.

Council member Gaspar requested consideration for amending Chapter 44 Article 11 Discharge of Firearms in the Code of Ordinances. He requested that residents living on one acre or more, be allowed to shoot nuisance animals such as snakes if there is a threat to the ones safety. The Chief of Police was asked for his opinion on the subject and openly opposed it. The Police Chief further suggested that a good alternative to shooting a snake would simply be to get a shovel and eliminate it. There was some concern of water moccasins and their aggressive behavior and if time would allow one to obtain a shovel without being attacked. The issue was tabled and would be brought before council at a later date.

City Council approved payment and authorized the City Manager Jung to execute contracts for:
– Road projects Lewis Lane, Jordon Rd East, Crest Ridge: $450,000
– Rogers/Holley Street construction: $60,000
– Lift Station generator: $50,000
– Computers for patrol vehicles: $36,000
– Vehicle and equipment – Patrol: $50,500
– Elevated storage tank: $1,400,000
– Purchase of Surface Water Rights: $1,900,000
– Regional Wastewater Treatment Plan #1- Professional Services: $1,200,000
– Front End Loader: $95,000
– Dump Truck – 12 yard: $100,000
– Phillips 66 Reimbursement Project- Jordan, Large & Pine Streets: $- 0 – (Phillips 66 to pay $464,304)

Council also awarded the contract for Roger Road West Water and Wastewater Improvements MEDC project to Texas Pride Utilities for $180,000. Council also approved a contract for Planning Services between the City of Manvel and HDR for a Master Water Plan in the amount of $49,975.

Manvel Town Center Loft types was requested by council member Hehn as a workshop topic of discussion. It was unclear to Mayor Martin what the term loft types clearly meant. There were several emails sent to Mayor Martins office from citizens stating that they were against having any type of apartment dwellings in the City of Manvel. It was expressed by council member Gaspar that while apartments start out nice, they often end up changing management numerous times and end in disrepair and run down. The concern for the city’s future and having residents that purchased property rather than renting would in turn have a more positive effect on the city over time. It was suggested that home owners would take a more active role in their community.

The process in appointing volunteers to Manvel City Boards was addressed and an overall consensus was that the process would continue to have each applicant fill out an application form. Along with each form, they discussed the idea of having an interview process and/or the requirement of attending at least two or three meetings prior to being approved for the various boards. Mayor Martin stated that the city did not want to make it too restrictive for residents to join the boards. Council agreed, but wanted to make sure they had candidates that were aware of the dates, times and commitment necessary for each of the various boards. Council member Cox added that having a limit on how many city boards a person can sit on at one time was also good idea.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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