David O’Farrell talked citizenship to Boy Scout Troup #442

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David O’Farrell, owner, O’Farrell Realty, Inc. and Chairman of Friendswood Planning and Zoning Commission was invited by Scout Master Joe Rowden to speak to Boy Scout Troup #442 at their Oct. 4 weekly meeting. O’Farrell spoke to the Scouts about Citizenship and said, “We are blessed to live in one of the greatest cities in our state and serving it is one of the greatest callings you will ever answer.”

After O’Farrell’s talk, he opened the meeting up to questions from the interested Scouts and several wanted to know what projects O’Farrell was most excited about for Friendswood. O’Farrell said, “We have beautiful, safe neighborhoods and schools that rank among the best in the state, but our downtown area needs attention to come up to these high standards. But with the help and support of our citizens it is my belief that we can dramatically revitalize it into a vibrant place in the very near future featuring charming, walkable sidewalks interconnecting Stephenson Park, our new dog park, and a host of new retail stores and restaurants that will be coming soon which will make our downtown, not the mall, THE favored destination for our families.”

The Boy Scouts immediately nodded their head and grinned enthusiastically in agreement. David O’Farrell said of the meeting, “Staring into those fresh young faces, so full of hope and determination for our city’s future was inspiring. When someone says America’s best days are behind it, don’t believe it. America’s best days are still in ahead of us and it will be lead forward by bright young citizens like these boy scouts.”

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