FISD remodeling former JH cafeteria for new trustee boardroom

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A new boardroom is underway for Friendswood ISD and it will not be in the current Administration building. Instead, it will be located in the Annex adjacent to the building where it is now.

The new facility will be in what was once the Friendswood Junior High Cafeteria. The site has been empty since the campus moved a few years ago but has been used occasionally when needed.

Its most recent usage was as a site for voting for the recent Tax Ratification election in FISD.

The Annex cafeteria area is being remodeled to accommodate large audiences at board meetings that have been proving too large for the current location.

At the regular monthly meetings of the FISD School Board, large numbers of students have been honored in the past with parents and friends there to celebrate their recognition. The boardroom could not accommodate the large crowds in a comfortable way.

Also office space is needed for staff at the Administration building. Superintendent Trish Hanks reported to the Board that several employees’ work spaces were at the end of hallways or in smaller closet-type spaces or portables.

The idea to move next door is not a new one. In the past, the District reviewed plans to remodel the Annex into a new Administration building but it proved too costly at the time.

In the recent request for board approval, the proposal had the cafeteria remodel accomplished by FISD Maintenance Department, the Technology Department and any sub-contractors needed.

The current boardroom is 1,287 sq. ft. and the new remodeled boardroom will be 3,534 sq. ft. The renovation will also include the hallway outside the new boardroom and two adjacent restrooms.

The District estimates the entire project will run approximately $170,000 and would be paid through capital outlay budget, reserve funds, and the reported remaining $60,000 of bond funds.

Approval for the renovation project was given by the School Board at their October meeting at the Administration building at 302 Laurel in Friendswood.

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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