MEDC attends ISCS conference

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Manvel Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) sent two members, Karen Kinlaw, president of MEDC, and Melody Hanson to Dallas to attended the International Council of Shopping Centers (ISCS) conference. MEDC has been working with Retail Coach for several months. They are a company designed to help cities attract businesses of various types to cities. Retail Coach supplied the MEDC with demographic information and encouraged the board to send members to the conference.

The conference lasted three days and was said to be very successful with an array of booths and exhibits by major retailers, commercial vendors, real estate companies, and other cities. Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Kinlaw were able to gather valuable information as well as speak first hand with numerous corporations and retailers to learn what their requirements were for coming to cities. They took advantage of the opportunity to market Manvel and were able to make direct contact with over 42 retailers. The benefit of speaking with other cities to learn how they attracted business was very beneficial. Having retail space readily available is a concern for retailers coming to the area. It was noted that the Manvel Town Center on the Westside and Presidio on the Eastside would have retail space available for leasing.

Mrs. Hanson attended the Brazoria County Alliance board meeting and was informed about the upcoming expansion of the port of Freeport. The port covers 8000 acres and services major corporations such as Dow, Phillips 66 and food distributors such as Chiquita and Dole. It is located within close proximity to the waterway, highway and rail systems. It has the shortest channel in Texas and can get the ships to deep waters in about an hour.

Branding for the City of Manvel is being considered and will be discussed with the City Council. The goal is to have some type of logo that would represent the city and be a clear visual aide to identifying it. Such as the Pear is for Pearland and the ship Elissa is for Galveston. It was suggested that they look at the University students for branding ideas versus spending thousands on paying a company to come up with one.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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