Council action restricts liquor stores

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Pearland City Council on Monday finalized an ordinance that would give the city more control of liquor sales should a local option election to allow such sales clear voters Nov. 8.

Council approved the second reading of the ordinance, which amends the city’s unified development code regarding liquor stores, cigars, tobacco or e-cig and vaping lounges.
Changes will apply to all new developments, and were implemented to restrict liquor or package stores to a conditional use permit, or CUP, meaning each site would be evaluated and approved by the city.

Both staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval.

Councilman Keith Ordeneaux, who voted against the motion, said he didn’t understand why a vaping lounge would be added to the ordinance.

“To me, it feels like government overreach,” he said.

A lighting provision originally part of the changes was not included on the first or final reading, which passed 5-1.

Council awarded a $3 million contract to Pulice Construction for the Fite Road Extension between McLean Road and Veterans Drive.

There were six bids submitted, with the lowest selected, city staff said.

The project is being 80 percent funded through Texas Department of Transportation, which recently reviewed final plans for the extension.

The new segment will extend the existing Fite Road in accordance with the City’s Thoroughfare Plan, and will relieve traffic congestion in the area and provide an additional route to and from Veterans Drive, city documents state. It will also provide access to the future Centennial Park Phase 2.

The extension is expected to be complete in October 2017.

Story by Nicole Jones

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