Friday morning Kempken was called to the front office and was greeted by a Whataburger representative along with the Whataburger mascot. She was presented with a one of a kind Whataburger Homecoming mum.

Friendswood HS freshman chooses Whataburger as Homecoming date

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Homecoming humor became reality recently at Friendswood High School when a freshman jokingly asked a restaurant to be her homecoming date.

Gracie Kempken, a freshman in the FFA Agricultural Science program, loves Whataburger and has for many years.

“Whataburger is a family favorite for us, as with most families, but Gracie definitely craves a #1 with no tomato and a Dr. Pepper. It is her most requested meal, especially after a long day at a stock show,” Gracie’s mom, Kim Kempken said. “I can’t count the number of late nights she and I have been in the drive thru since she was a little girl, first starting with late night dance competitions and now stock shows. It’s like her comfort food after long stressful days.”

Gracie jokingly said that she wanted Whataburger as her date to homecoming.

Laughing about the thought, she tweeted the question to them. “@Whataburger will you go to Homecoming with me?”

What Kempken didn’t know was that Whataburger then reached out to Friendswood High School to ask their permission to show up and surprise her. Only the principal, the secretary that took the phone call and her parents knew this was happening. She was completely shocked and surprised when the restaurant mascot, Whataguy, showed up and presented her with a backpack that had a Whataburger towel and tee shirt in it and a special Whataburger mum made just for her by Morgan Atkinson, Social Media representative for Whataburger in San Antonio.

The mum was completely orange with one streamer of Mustang Blue, gold pipe cleaners for French fries, buttons that said no tomato and orange cow bells.

“They had also done their research on her Twitter page and found out about her love for cows, as they had a cow and cowboy hat on it as well as her name. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter mum in my whole life. She was shaking she was so excited!” her mom said.

Whataguy was holding a Whataburger bag and asked her, “What about Homecoming Dinner? Go Mustangs,” and handed her a bag with a $50 gift card to Whataburger in it.

Whataguy also took time to visit two classes of special needs students and take pictures with each of the them.

“We are overwhelmed at the thought that one little tweet from a girl in Friendswood could inspire a company to go to such lengths to make a freshman homecoming so completely unforgettable! Then to take time to make a bunch of other students happy too is really something special. This company is all heart!” Kempken said.

Gracie is the daughter of Craig and Kimberly Kempken of Friendswood.

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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