Historical Society holds annual Histor-ween

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Histor-ween, the annual Halloween fundraiser for the Friendswood Historical Society was held Oct. 29 on the grounds of the FISD Annex (former Junior High), the historic Perry Home and the cemetery at The Friends Church.

Friendswood High School students organized and hosted a Haunted House that showcased the horrors of the upcoming national election along with many zombies and ghouls and area citizens portrayed several Friendswood citizens who had passed away. The community actors and actresses shared the history and lives of their chosen individuals.

Some of the impersonations included Bernard Glines (Friendswood’s first barber), Frank and son Cecil Brown, former Mayor Evelyn Newman, Baker Grocery Store owner Ken Baker, and Zue Bales (whose name is on one of FISD intermediate schools), to name a few. One young actress told the story of the tall white angel statue that resides by a grave in the cemetery. She shared how she had been stolen during a past scavenger hunt and years later an anonymous note to City Hall told officials where she could be found.

Many discussed coming to Friendswood as The Promised Land, travelling from Kansas and Indiana by wagon and horses, opening businesses in the area as a first one of that category, having to put their cemetery vault above ground because the resident had died from an unknown disease, and receiving oil field royalties and building their home, the Brown House for $32,000 in 1930. A variety of human experiences, both happy and sad were shared from “beyond” by the actors and actresses. Three male actors portrayed the three husbands of one Friendswood resident who had all three of them buried beside her in the cemetery.

Admission was $10 and included a walking tour as well as a hayride back to the parking area at the Annex from the cemetery.

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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