Cost of City services analyzed and compared

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An analysis, based on the budget and tax rate approved by Friendswood City Council at their October meeting, has yielded a noteworthy number and comparison.

The analysis combined all of these City services: Police Department (including Animal Control), the Volunteer Fire Department, Fire Marshal’s Office, Emergency Management Office, Public Works (including roads, sidewalks and drainage), Community Development (planning and zoning, inspections, building permitting, and managing storm water), the Library, Parks and Recreation (including sports activities, special events and building maintenance), City Secretary’s office, Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting, Economic Development, Municipal Court, Communication, and Administration.

The typical Friendswood homeowner pays about $92 per month in taxes for all of these services, combined. According to the NPD Group, this year the average customer will pay $123 per month for pay-TV.

“Since there are so many, it is almost impossible to list all of the many services provided by the City of Friendswood to residents. This comparison of $92 per month for City services, versus an average of $123 per month for TV programming, shows what a great value residents of Friendswood are receiving,” said City Manager Roger Roecker.
“It again verifies what I have thought to be true for many years; the City staff continues to work hard and efficiently for our residents.”

A City of Friendswood video with more detail about the analysis is on the City’s YouTube Channel. The link is

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