FISD Education Foundation begins 8th Adopt-a-Grant program

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The eighth annual Adopt-a-Grant program is returning in Friendswood ISD in December and opportunities for community members to adopt will soon be online.

Donors will be able to peruse teacher requests by name, grade or campus to see what would enhance education in all areas in FISD through supplies, equipment or special programs not covered by campus or district budgets.

It also provides a way for parents and friends to give holiday donations that would be used this school year in classes of their choices.

Eight years ago, the Friendswood ISD Education Foundation thought of the unique idea and tried it as a surprise at their annual fundraiser. The idea, Adopt-a-Grant, has grown into a tremendous program that continues to grow and prosper in Friendswood ISD, according to FEF Executive Director Paige Ridout.

Adopt-a-Grant provides opportunities for anyone to select a grant written by an FISD teacher(s) and purchase it in the family or business’ name.

The new program was a solution for three problems that had arisen in the 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 1999. Each year the directors had a SurPrize Patrol deliver grants they chose to fund for teachers and campuses.

The problems consisted of people wanting their children’s teachers to be selected to get funded for materials and programs/equipment they needed, they wanted their children to get to use them immediately and the Foundation wanted to know how to increase awareness and get more community members involved.

Adopt-a-Grant solved these three areas immediately.

Parents, businesses and individuals could select a grant by teacher, by subject, by price, by campus or all of the above. Texas First Bank was the first business in Friendswood to step up and adopt. Now many banks and other businesses are involved. Teachers order materials immediately to use.

The Foundation makes the whole transaction easy. Interested people can go online 24/7 to and by campus see all grants offered. Pricewise, they vary from as low as $20 in past years to approximately $5,000. Checks or cash can be brought to the Administration Building or adopters can pay online and be finished. The teacher will get a holiday note with the adopter’s name, email and street address for thank you notes.

How successful has this program been? In 2015, Adopt a Grant donations amounted to more than $80,000.

“The FEF is excited to offer the program again this year,” Ridout said. “It is a great way to give a holiday gift to a teacher that really impacts so many students year after year. It can also be a great way to start the new year with a donation that means so much to so many.”

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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