Manvel City Council discusses rules of procedure

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city-of-manvelBy TERRY RUIZ

Councilman Cox requested a city council conduct policy discussion placed on the city workshop agenda. Mr. Cox felt as though rumors about Manvel City Council were ending up in other cities, such as Alvin and Pearland; as a result of board members not behaving professionally. Mr. Cox stated, “We need some kind of rule that what takes place here in the city, which is public record to our citizens should remain within our city and don’t need to go outside and make us look like a bunch of idiots.” Mayor Martin agreed and stated, “Professionalism is a code of Ethics and that is what we are judged by and airing dirty laundry doesn’t always accomplish anything but bring a bad taste in other people’s mouths.”

The city attorney commented that Manvel has Rules of Procedures, but pointed out that anything that happens in an open meeting could be shared by anyone to anyone. He added the Rules of Procedures states, “Who fails to observe the course of orderly behavior during a meeting or disrupts the meeting of council with such disorderly conduct is subject to being expelled from such meeting upon a motion passed by two thirds vote of council present at the meeting. It was suggested that it be covered in council’s retreat.

Mr. Cox suggested that it was not just council but other committees and they were doing the best they can. Mr Gaspar found exception to that and asked Mr. Cox how many of those meetings had he attended. Mr. Gaspar continued by stating that Mr. Cox had been to none of those meetings and that was on record. Mr. Gaspar’s recent email to members of council regarding the MEDC was the reason for the topic being added as an agenda item. Mr. Gaspar stated that he felt the board members were trying to run the town like a dictatorship and he was not going to allow that. “If I see something I will speak my mind, it is my first amendment right. I make a fuss, because I believe in democracy. It’s we the people not I. I is a dictatorship, we the people is American and we should have transparency.” Mayor Martin stated that they all need to be professional and respect one another and that does not mean they all have to agree, but to respect what they are saying and without it council would have nothing but chaos.

Mrs. Sifuentes stated, “We need to conduct ourselves as adults professionally respectfully and we owe that to each other to the staff the committees and the citizens as well. Everything is with respect Adrian is not trying to make himself look good he is trying to open the eyes of the people. “

Joe Morrow with First Southwest Company a municipal advisor for the City of Manvel reported the successful sale of certificates of obligation. Receiving 4,435,000 million in proceeds into the construction account. Receiving six bids with winning bid of bonds from Cantor Fitzgerald and Co. at 2.65%. Manvel will be responsible for $138,000 payment for the first year and $235,000 payment per year with a final payment ending in 2036. The City is following a rapid payoff which generally allows or a lower interest cost, and after 10 years with 50% of debt being paid off there is an option to make an early payoff. The total cost of interest will be $1,333,000 unless an early payoff is made which would decrease the interest amount. Currently the City has a rating report of AA+; which is very good.

These funds will be used to build an elevated storage tank, design a waste water treatment plant and two million will be used to purchase surface water rights.

Center Point Entergy is looking at a rate increase by 10.4%. The city has agreed on a resolution to suspend the rate increase. Center Point will appeal the suspension and the issue will move to the Public Utilities Commission. Consultants will contest the rate increase amount. The was action taken to decline a bid in the amount of $1,860,562.00 to T Construction. This project received only one bid and it was 3 times higher than expected. The city will go out for new bids. This project is a joint effort with the City of Manvel and the MEDC.

The 380 agreement was discussed once again. It is an agreement between the city, some of the local MUDs and developers to create regional infrastructure. The thoroughfare will allow for future development in the city. Council went into a closed meeting to further discuss the topic.

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