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Councilman John Cox, owner of Manvel Barber Shop, donated the cocoa fixings for the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Parade over this past weekend. Mr. Cox has made this donation for six years and continues his service to the community whenever possible. Mrs. Kinlaw and Mrs. Stephenson were also thanked for volunteering their service that evening handing out the refreshments to all the citizens that attended the event and show their support of the community. Councilman Gaspar volunteered his services as a Jolly Old Saint Nick.

During Monday evening’s meetings city council approved an agreement for continuing disclosure services by and between the City of Manvel and FSC Continuing Disclosure Services. Council approved a final plat of Sedona Lakes section 9. This plat formally sections 9A and 9B were combined once again to make one section. Councilman Cox confirmed that the donation of the park from the developers was in fact going to happen. It has been nearly a year of discussion and with reassurances that once the plats were approved and the jogging trail was put in place the park land would in fact be conveyed to the city.

Aaron Bell and Martin Vela were reappointed to the Building and Standards Commission for another 2-year term. Council was asked to vote for their desired candidates for the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP) Board of Directors. TCAP helps consolidate cities energy purchases by purchasing the power for the cities at a cheaper rate. Mr. Jung gave suggestions on possible choices of seven of the eight candidates to vote for. Each member of council voted for their personal choice. Melanie Sifuentes adding the suggestion of an eighth candidate to the list of candidates to vote for.

Approval of an IT services agreement between the City of Manvel and PC Pro Computer Services LLC. for a term of nine months. City Manager Kyle Jung stated that the City was interested in possibly hiring an IT person full time for the city next year and that is why the agreement would end in nine months. The city attorney was looking for direction from council on the possible Cell Tower leasing agreement between the City of Manvel and Sky Towers, LLC. Sky Towers wanted a 50-year agreement to lease a small section of land at a rate of 600.00 per month. The 50-years appeared to be of the greatest concern to council and the mayor. It was an unusually long amount time for what some thought to be low payment. It will be a multiuse location; whereas, Sky Towers would erect a cell tower that would take some ten years just to recoup their cost. It was also made clear that the Sky Towers would allow the City of Manvel use of the leased land which was of added value. Council directed the city attorney to proceed with negotiations; however, they wanted to see an agreement with a much less time commitment and with hopes of more income if possible.

The MEDC Board had four positions that were up for appointment. There were several applicants that were new to the city with various professional backgrounds. Each of these individuals were invited to attend the meeting and speak on their behalf as to why they would be a good fit for the position. If the individual was unable to attend a brief statement that they sent to council was read. A process of voting was done in open meeting with two of the four seats going to reappoint Karen Kinlaw and Melody Hanson along with two new citizen’s Robina Spruill and Steve Granson being placed in the other two positions.

It was further addressed that possible term limits were a good idea within the various boards. Councilwoman Helm suggested that each board as well as city council think about the various boards and the length that may be needed to be successful on said board. Each board would then come back to council with a suggested length of a term. It would then be set in place for current and future board members. The idea of term limits is a way for the city to keep fresh ideas and faces on the various boards within the city. Council currently has term limits already in place for each of the council positions. The meeting went to Executive Session to further discuss the 380 agreement.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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