Manvel Police apprehend package thief

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Package theft is a common problem in most towns during the holiday season. Rodeo Palms residents have experienced this firsthand. Several residents have reported numerous packages missing from their homes. Packages that have been listed as delivered, but were not found at the delivery address or with neighbors.

With the help of observant residents and surveillance cameras, a vehicle description was obtained. An officer patrolling the area in the evening hours spotted a vehicle that matched that of the suspect vehicle was pulled spotted in the subdivision. The officer pulled the suspect vehicle over. The officer was given false information on the suspected criminals identity and residence. There was no evidence of stolen goods or packages at that time so the driver was released.

The vehicle was spotted a second time in the area with a parent of the suspect driving the vehicle. Several items were out in the open that appeared to be pricey and possibly out of place. After further due diligence the Manvel police were able to arrest the suspect, whom later confessed. Over $1,900 in stolen merchandise was recovered.

At this time, Manvel Police are urging residents to stay alert. Do not to leave valuables in unlocked cars or in plain sight. Officers will be out in force for the upcoming New Year’s weekend. Don’t Drink and Drive!

Story by Terry Ruiz

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