City asks residents to complete National Citizen Survey

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The City of Pearland wants to know how residents rate the quality of life in the city and their perception of City of Pearland government. To find out, the City is asking residents to participate in The National Citizen Survey.

This is a city-wide initiative that began Dec. 9, 2016 and will continue through Jan. 20.

A random and scientific sample of 1,800 residences will receive participation invitations in the mail. The invitations will ask them to complete the survey to have their confidential responses weighted and analyzed.

The completed survey is designed to provide a baseline of how city government is serving its residents. It also provides a way to gauge perceptions of the city and compare the results with similar cities.

City representatives report that this type of survey is a sound business practice to gather perspective of a representative sample of the entire community.

The City of Pearland worked with outside vendors to conduct the Citizen Survey in 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015.

The survey results in the past have helped Pearland leaders identify challenges and plan for and evaluate improvements. The surveys also point to services and amenities that have had long-term success and need to be sustained.

In 2015, results showed that 80 percent of citizens surveyed rated the City’s economy as excellent/good. Pearland was considered the Best Place to Live by 91 percent.

Police performance was rated as excellent/very good by 88 percent; 93 percent rated the Fire Department performance as excellent/very good. In the 2015 results, 87 percent of residents surveyed rated the feeling of safety in Pearland as excellent/very good.

To view results of previous Citizen Surveys in Pearland, go to

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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