Alvin ISD School Board recognized

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January is school board recognition month and Alvin ISD honored its school board past and present members this month with a special dinner. Board members serve giving countless hours, with no compensation. They were honored by the Duke Elementary Choir with a special performance. The Duke Elementary Choir has been recognized across the state and will perform in February for the Texas Music Educators Association in Austin. Only top performers in the state receive an invitation to perform. The Duke choir cordially invites everyone in the community to see a preview of their Austin performance on Feb. 2 at Shadow Creek High School. Members of the choir had the honor of presenting the Alvin ISD board members with a thank you gift. Board members were further honored with a tribute video.

The board continued with the regular meeting agenda items approving a resolution 7-0 to repeal the A-F accountability system set forth by the State of Texas. Dr. Gilcrease stated that he believes the board believes that this accountability system is harmful not helpful.

The board approved several new staff members that are being added due to the consistent growth of the district. New teachers are needed at various times throughout the year as student growth increases at local schools. This school year there have been three hundred new students enrolled in Alvin schools since the beginning of the school year.

Shadow Creek Ranch High School was approved to add one additional counselor. There over 1500 students enrolled at SCR High School.

Brothers Elementary and Elementary #18 (currently in the process of being named) requested initial staffing procedures to begin. This will allow the school to begin their search and hiring process for their opening in the fall of 2017.

The current board members extended a heartfelt thank you to former board members and superintendents for their time, talents and dedication to the students of Alvin ISD.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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