Big Horn BBQ coming to Manvel?

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MEDC held the first meeting of the new year and promise of new ideas with new and returning members getting sworn in. Robina Spruill is a new member of the MEDC, Karen Kinlaw and Melody Hanson are returning members of the MEDC board. Steve Granson will be sworn in at the upcoming meeting as he was not present at the Jan. 11 meeting. There is an open position still available on the board, position #3 is still open as one new board member resigned before the first meeting. Manvel City Council will be filling that position at an upcoming board meeting. MEDC and Manvel City Council have called a board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 6:00 p.m., to discuss goals, strategic planning and branding.

MEDC was presented with a request of funding of impact fees and detention cost for Big Horn BBQ, which is in the process of opening an additional location in Manvel, at the North-East corner of Highway 6 and FM 1128. The proposed location would look very similar to the current Pearland location and would have gas pumps, store and restaurant that will include a drive through. They hope to break ground as soon as possible and open doors before the end of the year with an estimated opening date of Oct. 1. Big Horn BBQ estimated that some 40 jobs will open with the store requiring 10 and the restaurant looking at hiring 30 positions. The request was made to offset some of the cost that will be incurred with the clearing of the concrete slabs and structures that are currently on the property. There will be a public hearing for community input. It was unanimously approved to go forward with the project.

Mayor Martin address MEDC board with information about a call she received from the governor’s office. The governor’s office will be sending a liaison to Manvel to meet with Mayor Martin and up two members of MEDC board to discuss opportunities for Economic Development. There can only be two board members meet so there is not a quorum formed without an official meeting called and posted.

Karen Kinlaw had spoken with a graduate student about possibly developing a strategic plan for Manvel EDC as a class project that was required for the student to graduate. The student’s professor denied the proposed idea of working on the strategic plan, because the student needed a project he could implement himself and that would not be possible with a strategic plan. The MEDC board is looking at other possible areas in which they could have the student work with the city for the benefit of the city and the student which of whom is a Manvel resident.

Retail Coach’s Aaron Farmer attend this month’s meeting and informed board members of the upcoming conference in Las Vegas. Retail Coach began recruiting for Manvel in November and stated that they have retailers and restaurants interested. Mr. Farmer stated that the next step is matching up retailers with sites. Retail Coach has sent marketing packages to approximately 30 retailers that Manvel would like to have be a part of the retail community. They are also talking to two grocery store chains, a convenience store and several fast food chains.

Current project – Large Rd. sanitary sewer project, the original plan had the line to deep. The city received on bid at will above the estimated amount. The city went back to the drawing board and brought the line up several feet and went out for bid again and will run for two weeks, the bid opening will be Feb. 1.

City of Manvel water plant improvements at School Road Water Plant and Corporate Drive Facility has been delayed, but is ready to go to TCEQ and hopes for a quick turnaround from TCEQ.

Extension on Rogers Rd. this project is about to be complete and are waiting on a final walk through. Once MEDC project is complete in full the city will come in and put a road in at that location.

Appointment of new board positions for the 2017 New Year will be President Janice DelBello, Vice President Jason Albert, and Secretary Melody Hanson.

All terms expire in December 2017.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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