Mayor Martin is pictured with Mario Garner, Sr. Vice President & CEO of Memorial Hermann Pearland, Ashlea Quinonez and Dr. Stephen Janecek.

Memorial Hermann Pearland speaks to the community

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Mayor Martin is pictured with Mario Garner, Sr. Vice President & CEO of Memorial Hermann Pearland, Ashlea Quinonez and Dr. Stephen Janecek.

Mayor Martin is pictured with Mario Garner, Sr. Vice President & CEO of Memorial Hermann Pearland, Ashlea Quinonez and Dr. Stephen Janecek.

Council opened the work shop with Adrian Gaspar asking for item 3 in the workshop and items 6 and 7 of the regular meeting be tabled until the next meeting when city attorney Bobby Gervais would be available. The topics were the compensation of the city manager and the amendment to the fiscal year 2017 budget. Council agreed and went into executive session to update on litigation involving code violations at 5515 Patterson and to discuss the 380 Agreement for the development of regional infrastructure.

Brian Wilmer spoke on the topic of Branding and Marketing. He would like to see goals set for marketing and felt the city was acting prematurely on branding. He also spoke once again about the blank billboard at the front of Rodeo Palms and what statement it made about the city, as it is one of the first things seen by visitors. Joe Boldoc spoke about Item #7 the city manager’s compensation and directed his comments to the Mayor and council members. Mr. Joe stated, “The city manager has submitted to council a survey of Texas cities with city managers and requested about $160,000 which is an average of that list. That list including Harris County, City of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso and dozens, and dozens of others. That list also shows the average salary for cities with 7,500 – 10,000-person range is about $111,000. The city manager’s current salary is about $110,000. Mr. Joe continued by asking, “What kind of city manager would make a request for a 50% increase in salary based on the logic that he deserves the average of every city in the state of Texas? What drives that and furthermore what kind of problems would he be creating for himself as a manager with everyone that works for him in terms of their expectations, but more importantly is not just about the monetary fiduciary responsibilities of the council but also about what is the message that your city manager is sending to the citizenry and to sending to the employees of the city to even make such a request. Please consider that when consider his salary and employment. I have seen any business of any size or even a fast food joint. No growth in professional offices so I wonder what it is that would make him think what it is that would warrant such an increase?” The city manager, Mayor and council were unable to respond. It was stated that Mr. Jung did send a list and did ask for an increase. It was stated to have been a range between $114,000 and $139,000.

Public hearing began at 7:09 p.m. to amend the zoning ordinance of a certain tract of land approximately 10.00 acres located on Croix Rd. (County Rd. 58) near Highway 288 from single family (SFR)to light commercial district (LC). Comments were called for a third time and with no comments the public hearing was closed at 7:10 p.m.

City Manager Update was on Jordan Lane. Public works with be working with the Road and Bridge Dept. of Brazoria County to help with reclaiming the road and public works will be over laying the road. This will be Jordan Rd. from south Masters all the way to the eastern side of the city limits. It will be overlaid after the shoulders are built with stabilized rock.

A Presentation of Memorial Hermann Hospital by Mario Garner, Sr. Vice President & CEO of Memorial Hermann Pearland. Mr. Garner thanked Mayor Martin and council for the invitation to speak. The Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) is the first specialized ambulance for prehospital stroke treatment in the United States. Patients can be evaluated, imaged and treated for nonbleeding strokes before they are transported via ambulance to the emergency department. Data suggests that prehospital treatment can save a critical hour, doubling the odds of a patient being discharged to home after their stroke and not a care facility. Patients treated on the MSU are expected to have fewer long term disabilities, providing them with a better quality of life, and potentially reducing overall healthcare costs. The MSU has a CT scanner on board and those images are sent to a doctor at the hospital that can read them right away and give a diagnosis before the patient has been transported. Memorial Hermann Pearland does not yet offer that service, because they have the technology in the hospital; however, the hospital system plans on having these units available as it grows and expands into various communities north and south of Houston.

Memorial Hermann Pearland’s doors opened on March 29, 2016. It is currently operational on two floors, with the third and fourth floor for patients and the first and second floors are still an open shell for future growth. A helipad was included for life flight services. Some of the services offered are Cardiovascular, colon rectal, ear, nose and throat, gastroenterology, general surgery, Imaging, labor and delivery, nuclear and orthopedic, physical therapy and more. Construction cost of the facility was a $116,000,000 investment made by Memorial Hermann Health Care System to provide care for lives in Brazoria County. Over 40% of the employees are Brazoria county residents, with some from Manvel.

On a health and wellness standpoint the hospital has admitted about 1700 patients, provided over 700 surgeries and average about 36,000 emergencies a year. Memorial Hermann has an active member that sits on the Alvin ISD Education Foundation board and Mario Garner himself sits on the Pearland ISD Education Foundation board. Memorial Hermann Pearland partnered with Alvin and Pearland ISD to make placemats that were used for patients in the hospital on Thanksgiving and Christmas and is participating in the Alvin ISD Wellness Fair. The hospital has also partnered with Macy’s and cardiologists in the community for the Hearts & Heels, where women in the community can find comprehensive cardiac care. Mayor Martin will be a model at the Hearts & Heels event next month on Feb. 16.

Dr. Stephen Janecek has a family practice located in Manvel and has been in community since 1990. He has hours available Mon – Fri and every other Saturday. Mayor Martin pointed out the having Memorial Hermann Pearland so close is convenient and allows Manvel EMS to drop a patient off and be back in the community within 20 minutes, instead of the several hours that it would take going into Houston and back.

An amendment to approve the zoning ordinance for the 10-acre tract on Croix Rd near 288 with PD&Z recommending the approval. The expected project will be a strip shopping center and convenience store. A bridge is to be built in compliance with the GCWA Canal, which will be a single span bridge with no pilings in the middle of the canal. The amendment was approved 7-0.

A request by Lakeland Subdivision, to approve a modification to the Design Criteria Manual allowing for last year’s fire hydrant was denied by PD&Z. All new fire hydrants to be Kennedy Guardian K81D was up held by council with a motion to deny with a vote of 7-0. The contractor was happy to comply and was just looking to save some money, but will install new hydrants where designated.

Action was taken to appoint a board member to the Manvel EDC board for the open position #3 with the term to expire on December 2017. Several candidates were considered and the board went with the familiar face of Chad Bell.

The consent agenda was approved and a special meeting with City Council and MEDC will be held on Jan. 25 at 6 p.m.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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