AISD encourages student success and excellence through various educational experiences

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In an effort to develop outstanding students and leaders, a few Manvel High School students are a part of Business Professionals of America (BPA) and DECA Inc. Both programs offer opportunities for students to enhance their skills in various areas of business.

The nationally recognized BPA encourages and allows students to take a deeper look into the world of business; giving them the opportunity to compete in various entry and mid-level business practices, ranging from Advanced Accounting, to C++ Programming, to Medical Office Procedures.

“For any student that has ever had an idea or dreamt of getting into business for themselves, even those students who may not really know what they want to do, BPA allows them to see it’s various components. Even those careers that students may not have even thought were business, they [students] are allowed to freely explore those avenues and gain a better view of them,” said Darnelle Weatherspoon MBA, Manvel High School teacher and BPA Sponsor.

The BPA program has been offered as an opportunity for Manvel High School students to get involved and enhance their education for a little over 5 years. The program also allows students to compete against others with the intent to showcase what they’ve learned throughout the year, and ultimately compete at the state competition.

The Manvel team which consisted of Courtney McCray, Adaugo Anayalebechi, Kirdis Hawkins, Zaria Ross, Dominic Stigler, Roel Diaz and Alexis Seroney recently experienced success at the regional competition. Four of the team of seven students (McCray, Anayalebechi, Hawkins, and Ross) qualified for the State Leadership Competition through their placing at the regional competition.

“BPA gives you a great opportunity to explore the different aspects of business, and helps you prepare for future situations in the business world and your career,” said Adaugo Anyalebechi, Manvel High School senior and secretary of BPA.

In addition to experiencing success at the latest BPA competition, Manvel High School also had members of the DECA team advanced to the state competition. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Sponsored by Manvel High School teacher Tiffanie Van Sant, state qualifiers are Jose Garza, Irving Perez, Rangsey Kheang, and Scott Arend.

“BPA and DECA are just two more examples of countless opportunities that Alvin ISD is providing in an effort to incorporate student interests into learning. Various clubs and organizations offered at each of our campuses are one of the many ways that our students are experiencing success through the quality education received,” said Dr. Buck Gilcrease, Alvin ISD superintendent of schools.

In 2012 Alvin ISD leaders made an intentional effort to get parents, businesses and community members involved in the essential process of determining student educational needs and expectations upon graduation. A learner profile was ultimately created and determined that the district needed to place priority in the following areas in an effort to allow students to achieve their maximum potential: 1) Strategic communication, 2) Fostering skills that allow students to creatively assess problems, deeper solutions, and act to achieve results, 3) Ensuring students are innovative and adapt to various settings, and 4) Building empathy, compassion and open mindedness.
With those goals in mind, Alvin ISD leaders and educators continue to encourage all students to take advantage of the various educational experiences available to them.

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