Flashing yellow arrows appear at 21 intersections

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Flashing yellow left turn arrows are popping up around the City of Pearland at a rate of one per month. So far the City has 21 flashing yellow arrows assisting drivers.

It is all part of a three year program to install the arrows throughout the city. The first year of the program has been completed, according to the City of Pearland Traffic Operations Division.

Traffic Operations completed the installation of 14 signals this year. The division has determined that approximately 75 more intersections will also receive the new signal. It will be completed at the end of two more years.

The city had seven intersections that had already put in the yellow arrows, making the total of flashing yellow arrows in Pearland at 21 at this time.

The Flashing Yellow Arrow program that provided 14 new arrows at intersections this year was funded its first year through the City’s General Fund.

The second and third years’ installations will be funded directly through the annual budget of the Traffic Operations Division.

While installing the new arrows at the determined intersections, the Traffic Operations crew also gives the sites a full inspection to determine if any materials there are worn and need replacement. They then replace material as needed.

For information about the new flashing yellow arrows, visit pearlandtx.gov/fya.

Story by Karolyn Gephart

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