Mayor Martin files for another term

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Mayor Delores Martin has filed to run for another term and will be on the ballot during the May 6 election.

Mayor Martin is a native Texan, born in Houston and moved to Manvel in 1990. Still teaching school at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, she became involved with the Planning, Development and Zoning Commission and eventually became Chairman. She served in that capacity until 2000 when she ran for Mayor. Martin has been the Mayor of Manvel for the past 16 years.

Mayor Martin is highly visible in the Manvel and Pearland communities. She attends HOA meetings in Southfork, Silvercreek, Sedona Lakes, Rodeo Palms and Pomona. She supports the activities of the Pearland hospitals.

Promoting her city is always a top priority for Mayor Martin. She is the past chairman the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC). She has been a Board Member of HGAC for the past 13 years, representing Home Rule Cities. She is a past chairman of the Brazoria County Cities Association, Chairman of the CDBG Advisory Board, Vice Chairman of Chocolate Bayou Steering Committee, Vice-President of TML, Region 14, Member of the Regional Planning Committee, Boy Scouts of America Alvin-Manvel Chamber of Commerce, Alvin Community College Advisory Board, Brazoria County Alliance, Bridge and Road Commission, Emergency Management and the Sustainability Commission. She is a lector and minister at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Houston.

Mayor Martin believes that partnerships in development, surface water and air quality are critical to economic growth and quality of life for the community. She believes in communities extending a hand to work with local, state and federal officials to accomplish the city’s hopes and dreams.

“Manvel started as a blank slate,” said Martin. “With passion and love in our hearts, we will grow and flourish and live up to the expectations of our forefathers who worked so hard to lay the foundation for us to build our future on.”

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