Residents concerned over tire dump

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Manvel residents are concerned over a tire dump in a neighboring yard. A Manvel resident has an unwanted tire collection. The tires were on the property when it was purchased, but were hidden in a shed. The shed was thought to be an eyesore and was taken down. It was most likely a regrettable move.

Neighbors now have a different type of eyesore and possible health risk. The old tires have been sitting out collecting water for, what some have said, has been more than 6 months.

The Manvel code enforcement officer met with the owner and both agreed the tires need to be properly disposed of. Some $2,200 has been spent by the property owner removing some of the tires, but that was months ago, and little if anything has been done recently. It was hoped that the property owner would more easily be able to remove the tires if he was not accruing fines all this time, but there are consequences if they fail to comply. Councilman Gaspar has spoken with the code enforcement officer and was told it was a process and it would be taken care.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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