Mayor Delores Martin with Commissioner David Linder.

Commissioner David Linder attends council meeting

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Mayor Delores Martin with Commissioner David Linder.

Mayor Delores Martin with Commissioner David Linder.

Mayor Martin invited Commissioner Linder from Precinct 4 to attend the city council meeting to keep abreast of all things happening in the city.

The city voted to oppose a revenue cap and legislative interference in local service. A state law allows the city to collect an effect tax rate, if the city increases the Operations and Maintenance tax rate more than 8% percent over the effect tax rate (the amount of tax collected last year), citizens could call for a petition. It would then be submitted and if that petition meets the qualifications under state law, then a roll back election would be called. Senate Bill 2 is trying to change that to 4% and it would call for a mandatory election, where citizens would then vote. The city manager feels it would affect the city dramatically by limiting needed funds used for hiring staff and completing necessary projects. Approval of amending the city general fund budget and capital projects fund for additional funds for the Large Ave. sanitary sewer project was approved. MEDC contributed $250,000, council previously approved contributing $344,000 and TWBD contributed $138,000. The project total cost is $833,829 and it is being reduced by $72,578 (removal of a street project), leaving a cost $761,251 and a need for $29,000 to be covered by the general fund. Council also approved awarding the contract for the Large Ave. project to AR Turnkee Construction Company in the amount $761,251.

Council amended the general fund budget for additional compensation for the city attorney that was approved at the last council meeting two weeks ago.

Police Chief Traylor advised council on a placing a stop sign at Cemetery Rd. and Scott St., making it a three way stop to avoid any possible collision in that area.

A proposed city hall expansion, to add a possible meeting room for the city manager to conduct meetings with other business professionals was discussed. Councilman Cox felt the money might better be used toward a new Manvel City Hall that is projected to start the planning phase in a year or two. Council asked the city engineer for a design and basic cost estimate on a possible expansion and no further action was taken.

Council convened into executive session to discuss the 380 Agreement for the development of infrastructure.

Story by Terry Ruiz

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