Debra Davison running for Manvel Mayor

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I am Debra Davison and I’m running for Mayor of Manvel. I am asking for your vote. As a longtime resident of Manvel, I have a number of years of experience with city government.

I served on the original Charter Commission for Manvel in 2009. In 2011, Manvel became a “Home Rule City” when voters overwhelmingly voted to bring local control to the City. This also changed the city structure from a Mayor/City Council Government to a City Council/City Manager Government. Each Council Member, including the Mayor, now has an equal vote. The Council makes recommendations to the City Manager. I continued to serve on each subsequent Charter Review Commission and was Chairman in 2016. I currently serve on the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

I plan to continue serving Manvel. When elected Mayor, my priorities will be:
– Promote commercial development compatible with the nature of our City and facilitate that approach by proposing the establishment of a position to liaison between the developers, retail and residential, and the City.
– Value low taxes and work to keep our taxes low.
– Support our Police, Fire and EMS Departments by ensuring that they are properly equipped to guarantee the safety of the residents of Manvel.
– Work on consensus and Team Building Style of Council for more Effective Representation. My goal is to open the process of city government and its response to the actual needs of the citizens.

Having attended many meetings in prior years, I have come to know quite a few of the citizens as well as those who serve on Council. In particular, I have worked closely with Councilmembers Lorraine Hehn, Melissa Sifuentes and Adrian Gaspar and appreciate their patience in answering questions. Board members Dorothy Wynne and Brian Wilmer serving on Parks and PD&Z have also been key in my decision to run for Mayor.

What sets me apart is my love of our community and my vision for its future. I believe that we can Plan our future, Preserve our past and Prosper together.

Please go to my website, Facebook.com/Debra Davison For Manvel Mayor to learn additional information or to contact me.

I’m asking for your vote: Early voting is between April 24 and May 2. Election Day is May 6.

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