Mayor, Council position in run-off elections

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Pearland will have two run-off elections as a result of voting in the May 6 General Election.

Current Mayor Tom Reid will face a run-off election with candidate Quentin Wiltz after neither candidate received 50 percent of the votes.

Reid received 48.85% of the vote while Wiltz secured 45.64%.

Also in run-off election are two candidates for City Council position #7. Six candidates ran for the newly created council position. Since no contestant had at least 50 percent of the total votes, a run-off election will be held for top two.

Dalia Kasseb received 40.78% of the vote and will run against Woody Owens who received 21.05% of the vote.

The run-off election will be June 10.

Incumbent Council member Gary Moore won his bid for re-election for Council seat #3. He received 55.32% of the vote, winning over opponent J. Darnell Jones. Moore will be serving his second term.

In Council position #5, J. David Little won over Jude T.A. Smith. Little received 64.64% of the votes. Little will be serving his first term in office.

Election results will not be official until the results of the election are canvassed by Council on May 15.

Out of 68,633 registered voters in Pearland, 7,652 or 11.15% voted in the May election.

To see all voting results in Brazoria County, go to

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