Mayor Debra Davison was sworn in by Municipal Judge Michael Culling.

City hosts reception for newly elected officials

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Mayor Debra Davison was sworn in by Municipal Judge Michael Culling.

Mayor Debra Davison was sworn in by Municipal Judge Michael Culling.


The City of Manvel convened a workshop at 6 p.m. on Monday prior to the regular meeting at the Manvel City Hall Meeting Room, located at 20025 Morris Avenue, for the purpose of hosting a public reception.

The reception was held to recognize and thank former mayor Delores Martin (Mayor 2001-2017) former councilman John Cox (City Council Term 2011-2017) and former councilman Larry Akery (City Council Term 2011-2017).

This was followed by the Ceremonial Swearing In of the newly elected Mayor Debra Davíson, Brian Wilmer, newly elected Council Member Place 3 and Jason Albert, newly elected Council Member Place 5.

An overflow crowd at council chambers included residents of Manvel, family members and guests who enjoyed the opportunity to thank officials for their service and dedication of time and to welcome and congratulate the newly elected officials.

A bagpipe player added to the festivities and paid homage to newly elected Mayor Debra Davison’s Irish heritage. City Manager Kyle Jung expressed “high hopes” for the future work of the council. Mayor Davison said, “I am looking forward to our upcoming planning session so that we can all align our goals and visions in order to take Manvel into the next decade.”

Council person Melissa Sifuentes agreed and added, “I think it’s very necessary.” Council member Lorraine Hehn agreed and said. “It’s long overdue.”

Newly elected council person Jason Albert shared, “I am excitedly optimistic. I think our time is now for Manvel.”

Newly elected council person Brian Wilmer added, “I am so happy that our planning session comes right after our election. I believe that we can come together in a positive way and create a vision for the future in Manvel.”

Ron Cox, a well- respected and experienced municipal consultant from Friendswood, will lead the council in its planning retreat session.

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