Council completes first planning session

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The City of Manvel convened a planning/goal setting meeting on Wednesday, May 24, at the Church of the Harvest in order to consider items related to governance, strategic goals and priorities and budget.

The planning session was conducted by City Manager Kyle Jung and was moderated by Ron Cox Consulting. According to Mayor Davison, Cox spent hours prior to the planning session in interviews with city officials to determine their individual goals related to their offices.

The planning session was split into two half day sessions and Cox Consulting gave participants tools and methods to share their goals. Information will be used in order to eventually create a unified vision for the City of Manvel. City of Manvel staff participation in the afternoon allowed employees to share ideas for improvement and educated newly elected officials about what their jobs entail.

The discussion centered around the important issues of economic development, infrastructure building and improved communication with the public, board, commissions as well as internally between staff and elected officials. Subsequent meetings in the following weeks will encourage participants to unify their visions into one.

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