Friendswood Police provide annual Crime Report

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The 2016 Friendswood Police Department Annual Crime Report has been released by the Friendswood Police Department recently.

Comparative statistics for crimes, traffic incidents, call volume and response times are provided in a 20 page document that is available on the City’s website.

Within the document are future challenges and opportunities identified as facing the community.

These challenges/opportunities include the following:

– Rising citizen expectations regarding crime reporting, emergency response effectiveness, citizen care, public safety and public engagement in police work;

– Changing nature of criminal activity that is organized, global, digital and operating across complex networks;

– Future leaders in law enforcement with recruitment, preparation and professional development;

– Mental health and the challenge of encounters with persons with mental illness.

Overall, the report shows a decrease in the crime rate – 8.49 crimes per 1,000 residents in 2016 as compared to 9.75 crimes per 1,000 residents in 2015. Arrest totals in Friendswood decreased with 1,404 adult arrests and 20 juvenile arrests.

The number of vehicle crashes decreased with 555 in 2016 compared to 564 in 2015. Injury accidents remained constant and there were two traffic fatalities. FM 528 was the roadway logging the highest percentage of crashes which was 35 percent.

Burglaries dropped from 61 in 2015 to 36 in 2016. Thefts also dropped, going from 279 in 2015 to 265 in 2016. Of the 96 reported thefts were vehicle burglary.

The report also contains analysis of crime trends locally and regionally and provides an overview of special services.

The annual crime report can be found on the city website at

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