Manvel Police Department warns against scam

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The Manvel Police Department has received information concerning a company or solicitors that are calling to sell child safety kits or child identification kits. This company or solicitors have been telling people the Manvel Police Department is sponsoring the company and their product.

The Manvel Police Department does not endorse this product or company. If there is not a Manvel Police Officer handing this product out as a free identification kit, then it is a solicitation or scam. We encourage the citizens not to agree with anything these companies are requesting or send any payment to them for this product. Do not allow them into your homes for any reason as this might be a ploy to gain access to your home and valuables. We also suggest that if they do come to your door to solicit this product, contact the Manvel Police Department immediately so we can respond and identify these individuals. The number to call is 281-489-1212.

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