Alvin ISD honors over 50 retirees

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Alvin ISD celebrated over 50 retirees recently at an employee recognition ceremony held on May 25 at Shadow Creek High School. Each employee of the district was given the option of selecting one of three gifts: a rocking chair, a watch, or a clock.

Most people think about teachers when they think of educators retiring. It takes many caring people to make a school district a safe place for learning. Transportation employees keep students safe coming and going to school and these retirees were: Carl Slaten, 7 years as a bus driver; Vicki Clark, 21 years as transportation coordinator; Patricia Fincher, 20 years as a bus driver; Reba Carlson, 20 years as a bus driver; Rudi Pesl, 15 years as a bus driver; and Florinda Ruiz, 12 years as a bus monitor. Maintenance retirees who helped to keep campuses safe included Amelia Martinez with 23 years, Porfiria Nevarez lead custodian with 25 years; Dennis Speer, filter technician with 8 years; and Jose Salas a mechanic with 8 years.

Other valued educators included Evelyn Bonner, special education teacher at Savannah Lakes with 10 years; Ricky Hubbard, SR police officer with 23 years; Eileene Keith, executive secretary in administration with 7 years; Carolyn Bowman, kitchen manager at AHS with 10 years; Sheila Hernandez, English teacher at AHS with 35 years; Becky Hearn, substitute coordinator in administration with 26 years; Kimberly Wells, director of federal programs with 12 years; Kevon Wells, asst. superintendent of administrative services with 15 years; Kathy Stoker, secretary with E.C. Mason with 1 year; Barbara Kurtner, child nutrition technician with 12 years, and Tracy Hummel, assistant director of federal programs with 26 years.

Also honored were Olga Morales, child nutrition technician with 2 years; Elizabeth Chapman, catering manager with 30 years; Kenneth Chapman, FVJH kitchen manager with 24 years; Carlos Baez, police officer with 17 years; Lori Hanna, kindergarten teacher at Mark Twain with 9 years; Gayla Castell, instructional coach at Alvin Primary with 29 years; Marla Leggett, pre-kindergarten at Alvin Primary with 21 years; Adelia Franco, child nutrition specialist with 15 years; Diane Edinburgh, special ed teacher at AHS with 30 years; Susan Boldrighni, band director RPJH with 11 years; Pamela Ridington, pre-kindergarten at SLE with 35 years; Rolanne Peterson, special ed teacher with Passmore with 22 years; Dale Kaslens, second grade teacher at Wilder with 9 years; Vickie Baker, dyslexia teacher at Wilder with 29 years; and Becky St. Nicholasy, diagnostician with 27 years.

Another group of retirees who were celebrated were Geraldine Felder, English teacher at MHS with 9 years; Tamara Reed, math coach at Meridiana with 9 years; Carol Walling, special ed teacher at Alvin Primary with 26 years; Sandra Otto, payroll clerk in admin with 19 years; Sue Monts, assistant principal at Mary Marek with 22 years; Beverly Kylberg, JH counselor at FVJH with 20 years; Robin Huber, science teacher at AHS with 29 years; Georgine Elliott, 3rd grade teacher at Alvin Elementary with 34 years; Patricia Schlegel, GT teacher at Hasse with 24 years; Glenda Sosa, special ed para at Alvin Primary with 44 years; Ellen Eby, English teacher with MHS with 8 years; JaNean Roosevelt, 5th grade teacher at Hasse with 19 years; Susan Wilson, chief financial officer at admin with 25 years; Dora Ramirez, child nutrition technician with 9 years; Marcia Rouse, special ed with 24 years; Mark Curtis, teacher/coach at Alvin HS with 30 years; Debra Mack, diagnostician with 9 years; and Rosalinda Gonzalez, child nutrition specialist with 22 years.

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